We have LMW and IPC licenses, and registered products can trade without duty.

A joint venture between Nitto Seiko Co., Ltd and Techno Associe Co., Ltd are able to propose and build up support systems by combining the advantages of manufacturing and trading company fuctions which not found in the other companies.

Manufacturing and selling mainly for the size M2 to M5 of washer assembled screws. It has capacity of 100 milion pieces a month.

"There are only a few Conti-fasteners® and Taptite® license contracts in Malaysia, and we are constantly improving our technological capabilities through the technology alliance between Conti-Fasteners® and Nitto Seiko.

We carry out Screw Assembly process and handling Packing Accessories Set.

Functioning as procurement at domestic and oversea mainly for Nitto Seiko Group and Tecno Associe Group

Start handling the industrial machinery products from year 2020. We will develop a total fastening solution, which is the strength of Nitto Seiko Group, in Malaysia region.

Company has history with establishment for 25 years.

Implementing top management audit periodically, directors from Japan-HQ will hearing the stance
from local staff directly.

Implementing Japanese Language Class.

Starting to held technical seminar.

Starting to sell Industrial Machinery products

Products Introduction

MPM (LMW) Products

Our LMW products are packed in the bags, do assembled products and many other assembly items.
We, MPM always improve the work efficiency for customers, and make every suggestion towards
reducing the total cost.

MPM (IPC) Products

Our IPC products including various tapes, press items, die casting, resin molded products and a wide range of products.
Collaboration with the Techno Associe Group we offering those products which can match with
the needs of our customers.


Adhesive Tapes


Rubber parts


Cable Tie


Rubber Form Stamping part


CNC turning part


Turning Shafts


Metal Stamping Part


Moulding part


Plastic Moulding Clamp


Spring Part


Plastic Injection part


Sintering part